Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a week

The past week has been crazy at the Pfantz household.  Last Friday night, I went to Des Moines for the night so my family and I could take my kids to night eyes.  Ryan came home, got Drake and went out into the tractor.  Ryan took Drake with him so he wasn't cooped up in the house all day/night.  He could get out and run a little when Ryan got out.  It was great intentions.  Until, once when Drake was trying to get out of the tractor, Drake caught his paw on the grates of the steps and broke his foot.  Of course, Ryan didn't think it was that bad and waited until the next Monday to take him to the vet.  They said he broke two bones in his foot.  They could try to set it and cast it or do surgery with pins.  We opted to try and set it first and see if it works.  So far, I think it is working.  Even with his cast, he is starting to put more weight on it, so that is good news!

Then came Wednesday night.  Ryan and Evan were carving pumpkins.  I was cleaning pumpkin seeds/putting dishes in the dishwasher.  Bria came along and started getting the silverware out of the dishwasher.  That would be fine, but she was grabbing knives.  So I asked Evan to come shut the door for me since my hands were disgusting.  As Evan tried to shut it, Bria kept her arm in.  Evan continued to push and push as he was frustrated it wouldn't close and didn't know why.  Bria began crying so I grabbed her quickly.  As I grabbed and pulled her out, it dislocated her elbow.  I didn't know that at the time.  I did feel a pop but didn't know what that pop was or her or the dishwasher.  We fed Bria dinner, she ate, but she wouldn't use her arm.  We went off to urgent care.  They couldn't tell what was wrong and didn't have an x-ray.  They thought we could wait until the morning but gave us a sling so she would move her arm.   So the next day, I took Bria to the doctor. After nearly 2 1/2 hours, most of that just waiting to be seen by the doctor, we discovered her elbow was dislocated.  The doctor popped it back in and 5 minutes later she was using it again.  I am so glad it was such an easy fix.  It could have been so much worse.  I hated the doctor though.  He made me feel like the worst mother in the world.  I was standing 6 inches away from Bria when it happened so it's not that I was being neglectful. 

Friday, Bria woke up with pink eye.  I'm glad it was Friday because my mom has them and I didn't have to take a day off.  Luckily, I had medicine.  Today, Evan woke up with Pink eye.  I had to take a day off.  I HATE missing school.  It's just so much work to be gone/get caught up on what a sub doesn't get done.  I am thankful the subs are there though. 

Just a few quick updates on the kids.  BRIA IS FINALLY WALKING!  She actually started walking about a month ago.  It still looks so funny seeing her walking around.  I love it.  Once she started, she progressed really fast.  She's pretty sturdy on her feet already!  She is trying to talk to much too.  She says quite a few words.  Sometimes I have to think really hard about what she is saying though to figure it out. 

Evan is about the same.  He is such a happy camper.  I started a bad habit of letting him cuddle with me until Ryan comes to bed.  Now he wants to do it every night.  I would love that, but I have to limit it to 1-2 times a week. 

Sunday, I had a random idea.  All of the sudden I decided to take out the dinning room table and put all of Evan and Bria's toys in there and make a little playroom.  I absolutely love it.  We never used that table except for birthday parties.  So now we are actually utilizing that space.  It also makes or living room seem bigger and less messy! 

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick update

I obviously can't seem to find time to blog anymore.  I have been crazy busy at school and at home.  Now that I'm back to work, I want to spend all of my available time with my kids, therefore, my blog is going to be hit and miss.  So here's a quick update of what's going on in the Pfantz house hold.

Bria:  Bria is trying to talk so much.  She will nearly imitate almost anything you say.  She is really getting good at just saying a few words that she knows how to use to get what she wants.  It is so nice when kids start to talk.  It's easier to figure out what they want!  As far as walking, she's still not doing it.  She could though.  If Ryan and I get on complete opposite sides of the room (we're talking 10+ feet apart) Bria will walk to the other person.  She might fall once, stand back up and continue.  She's just not willing to do it on her own without us cheering her on yet.  I know, it will come with time.

Evan:  Evan just had his 4th birthday.  I can't believe it.  It was nice to have all of our family come for the event.  We had a pirate birthday.  We got pirate hats for all the kids (6 of them) and even, somehow, managed to get a picture with all 6 kids in a hat (considering 4 of them are 1 or under).  Evan is such a smart cookie.   People keep asking me why he isn't in pres-school.  I just can justify spending the money when he knows everything he would learn in preschool.  He even knows somethings Kindergartners would do.  Why is that?  I do my job.  Not as a teacher, but as a mother.  It kills me how there are parents out there that don't work with their kids.  I know lives get busy, but it's what's best for your kids.

Me:  I just had my 10 year high school reunion.  How to do you get 600+ people together?  I have no idea.  There were other activities planned, but due to other engagements, we only went to the night activity.  It was at People's in Des Moines.  It was nice to see some people that I hadn't seen in awhile. 

 Ryan: Ryan (and sometimes me ;) ) has been working really hard to get the trees ready. This will be our first year of selling Christmas trees. Ryan is so excited. You would not believe the amount of machinery we need to sell trees. So our living room as been the "set-up" place for these items. I'm kind of tired of it all hanging out in my house and really wish Ryan would get it out! Soon enough, soon enough.

That was quick.  Until next time...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back at it

I just realized I have neglected the blog.  It has almost been a month since I last posted.  The last post was so sad so I need to lighten things up a bit.

It has been a crazy and hectic month since last time.  I have to mention my Gran and then things won't be so sad anymore.  We had an amazing turn out for her visitation.  Many were confused as to why we weren't doing a funeral, but she didn't want one so we were giving her her wish.  The next day we had a burial just with her close family.  It was a great service.  There was a floral arrangement that had ribbons that said "mother", "sister," "wife," "grandmother," and so on.  She was all of those things. My mom took the Mom one and I was given the grandmother one.  I didn't want to just take it because I wasn't the only grandchild, but I was touched it was given to me.  Growing up, we were SO close.  I stole my mom's and made a keepsake for her and myself.  I framed a rose from the arrangement for each of it and put the ribbon over the flower.  It is perfect.  I cut grandmother to make it say Gran.  She wasn't my grandmother, she was my Gran.

Now on to good news.  Even though my Gran passing was very difficult, something very good came of it.  I have a cousin who I haven't seen since I was 10, at least.  She has always lived in the area but there have been so many family issues we haven't been able to stay in touch.  Amazingly, Gran's death brought us all back together.  Lauren hung out with us the night of the visitation, came the funeral and is even planning on attending Evan's 4th birthday in a week.  It is good to have her back in the family and I am sure she is feeling the same way.  We are all excited things are working out this time!

School has started back up.  I have 23 cute ones this year.  It is going to be an amazing year but it will be more difficult with so many.  I am really going to have to work hard to stay on top of things better than normal so I can do my best for these kiddos!

Next weekend is Evan's 4th birthday!!!!  AGH!  I CANNOT believe he is going to be 4.  Every year I feel the same.  That next age sounds crazy and so old.  We are having a pirate party.  We have hats for all the kids, a pinata and am having a cute cake made my Cherry Darling Cakes (Jennifer Pelfrey).  She is so reasonable and will do anything you want!  I bought a pirate ship that came with a treasure chest that will be on his cake.  I know it is going to be very cute!

I just realized, I never mentioned my anniversary present from Ryan!  After nearly two months without my ring and me having to get upset and the jewelers, I finally got it.  Ryan surprised me and bought me a matching band for the other side of my ring for our 5 year anniversary.  I had mentioned it to him a long time ago, more so as a joke, but he did it!  I was very surprised and I love it!  It was very hard to get used to wearing a ring again, but it's like new again, and I love it!

Hopefully, I can stay on top of things better now that things are starting to settle a little bit!

Until next time...